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To understand the importance of event videography and assigning it to the right professionals in Singapore, you must first have an understanding of what exactly is a corporate event. A corporate event is a gathering that is organized and sponsored by businesses for their current and prospective clients, employees, business partners, etc. these events can be organized on different scales, large scale events like conventions and small scale events like conferences. The importance of event videography is equal is all scales of events. As an organizer, you must make sure that you entrust the job of event videography in the best hands.

We have experience in covering all parts of corporate events like:

  • Mixers –  Mixers are that part of a corporate event which are organized with an aim of giving an environment to employees and clients to mix with each other and know each other better. New relationships are built and existing relationships are renewed. We cover this part of the event diligently because a lot of people are involved in these sessions. You can see much interaction going on and laughs being shared which we definitely capture on stills and reels for you.
  • General Sessions – General sessions are another part of a corporate event which requires photography and videography coverage. Major strategies and business plans are introduced, shared and discussed upon. People come upon these sessions to share keynote speeches and other strategies. We ensure that none of these moments are lost and everything gets captured as per your preferences.
  • Dinners & Lunches – Dinners and lunches are another form of informal sessions which are organized as a platform for people to meet each other and discuss business in a more comfortable environment. Dinners are also organized as a motivational event and as an incentive to the current employees and clients of the organization. From videography and photography coverage’s perspective, these events are also meant to be captured professionally, and we can do just that.
  • Entertainment and award ceremonies – Entertainment and award ceremonies may be a part of some long corporate event or can be organized as standalone event also. Sometimes the company organizes entertainment events for its employees and family members and also award ceremonies for rewarding the performers of the organization. These moments can be covered in an extremely professional manner by our event videographers and photographers in Singapore.

Malena Production has an expertise in covering any kind of corporate event. Our team of expert photographers and videographers in Singapore ensure that the client’s requirements are properly understood, executed and delivered. Our approach has made us stand out amongst the others and has helped us build the trust of various corporate organizations who trust us with event coverage in Singapore.

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