Commercial Videography


In addition to providing professional photographers and videographers for covering family events, Malena Production also offers services of commercial videography in Singapore to meet your corporate video needs. Malena production’s team of experienced videographers who are well-versed in various types of commercial videography in Singapore.

Commercial videography includes taking videos of specific corporate events like conferences, annual meetings, training session videos, fund raising ceremony coverage, trade show coverage and any other general corporate event. We have videography professionals in Singapore who are highly experienced in covering these corporate events.

Our commercial videographers have the required skills and experience to understand your needs and requirements and are able to make sure that you get what want. Our commercial videographers have a vast field of experience in covering corporate events for various industries. They understand the different needs and logistics of various corporate events organised by different industries. Our commercial videographers are fully committed to top quality commercial videography in Singapore.

Getting your event covered and commercial videography done by us would have an array of benefits. We help you expand your business by creating a video that is worth sharing amongst the community to let them know more about your business. By having a commercial video, you can not only tell people about your business, you can actually show them the specifics – such as customers’ testimonials or how your product and service actually works.

Regardless of all the marketing collaterals that you might have produced and are currently circulating in the market, a video can still have a significant level of impact on prospective clients. People may not have a lot of time to read any material, but would definitely watch a video if it grabs their attention. Our professional videographers at Malena Productions are highly experienced in commercial videography and are able to create a video to boost your business.

Once you have made-up your mind to produce a commercial video for your business, it does matter whom you entrust that job to. You need professionals like us to make that effective corporate video for you or cover the next corporate event that you are going to organize. We will ensure that you get a corporate video that completely represents what your company stands for and it represents your brand thoroughly.

Malena bridal has flexible packages that will suit the needs of all corporate clients. Alternatively, we can create tailor-made package to meet your needs of corporate video production. Our commercial videography team has the experience and expertise of covering both small scale and large scale events. We have the required team and equipment to cover an event of every scale, and deliver the end product to your desired standard.

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