The importance of having a wedding video and hiring a videographer is sometimes overlooked by the couple as they see it as an unnecessary additional expenditure. But, this is not the case, wedding videography is an important aspect in capturing the complete memories of your special day.

Hiring a good wedding videographer is as vital as hiring a wedding photographer in Singapore. Malena Productions has excellent videographers who are experts in capturing the important moments of your wedding event and creating personalised cinematic-style wedding videography.

The advantages and importance of wedding videography and hiring a videographer in Singapore are many. Some of them are:

  • Reliving the whole day in a couple of hours

Wedding photography is only able to capture spectacular stills from the day that can be printed in an album or can be created in frames to be hung on the wall, but a wedding video captures the entire happening of the day, allowing you to relive the entire day while you watch the video. A wedding videographer In Singapore captures the beautiful moments that happened in its complete spirit and records the complete unfolding of the day.  For example, some years down the line you may forget the wedding vows you exchanged with your partner during your wedding, you may also want to recall the beautiful things that your friends and family had to say about your during the wedding. This might not be possible with just the still photographs; whereas a wedding videographer makes this possible because he has captured the live moments and has created it into a video which you can see and listen to.

  • Capture memories in the most original way possible

Another aspect that has evolved out of wedding videography is the skills of a wedding videographer in Singapore to create a cinematic style video of your special day. This can also include the snippets from your pre wedding days to your wedding day. They can combine it into a beautiful film and create a storyline out of it. Such cinematic wedding videos serves as a wonderful piece of keepsake that you can enjoy anytime at the comfort of your own home, years down the line. A wedding videographer in Singapore can help you capture your love story in a few minutes’ worth of reel which can be priceless for you.

  • The best present for someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding

Some loved ones are not able to make it to the wedding due to personal reasons and some loved ones may not have been around at that point of time – your children. A wedding video that you get made from a profession videographer in Singapore can act as the best present that you can have for them. They will be able to see and feel those live moments even if they were not physically present.

Hesitate no more and hire the best wedding videographer from professional companies like Malena production in Singapore and create a memory of a lifetime.


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