Wedding Photography

Wedding photography

Weddings are only complete with pre-wedding photos. Pre-wedding photography is often referred to as an engagement photo shoot and is usually taken three to six months before the wedding day. It is a photo shoot where reality is turned into lasting-visuals, capturing the love story of the beautiful bride and the dashing groom in their style.

A wedding is something to be cherished and remembered for the rest of your life. To keep those memories with you for a long time to come, taking wedding photos capture your wedding for you to reminisce cherished memories of your wedding in your marriage years later.

Whether photos are taken Malena Production offers wedding photography services for couples to tell their love story through photos, where they are and how they began as a couple. Photos taken on the day of the wedding creates timeless photographs that reflect the raw emotions, mood, and atmosphere of the wedding day. While pre-wedding photography reminds couples of their prime time relationship. It is a romantic time for couples to creating everlasting memories as they journey out to prepare and start a life together as newlyweds.

All these can serve as a memorable keepsake for the couple and their children in the many years to come. Contact Malena Production now to schedule for an appointment.

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