Personal Portrait

personal portrait

Portrait photography has been around ever since the invention and popularization of cameras. Specializing in weddings and wedding photography in its humble beginnings, Malena Production is now offering personal portrait photography services in Singapore to deliver professional and high-quality photos for you to be express your personality and confidence through your pictures.

A personal portrait captures not only your appearance, it also captures the essence of your personality and is a reflection of your soul. At Malena Production, our experienced team of makeup artists and photographers will put you at ease so that we can capture your individual X factor and most natural, charming side of you.

Having a personal portrait taken can also be used professionally in the corporate world. You will be able to look professional in your CV, corporate profile, corporate brochures for presentations, annual reports, and many more. Personal portrait photography allows you to look your best in front of your prospective clients and also presents your company better.

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