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newborn photographer singapore

We know that your newborn baby is precious to you and so is every memory associated with the baby. Your baby has finally arrived into this beautiful world and has given you the heavenly feeling of bliss and happiness of being a mother and father after waiting for 9 whole months. We know that you want to cherish and savour every moment that you spend with your newborn baby for a lifetime in tangible and intangible forms. We would love to offer to you our services of newborn photography and baby photography in Singapore. Although we know that you would have by now bought a digital camera and may be clicking away yourself, but a professionally-taken photoshoot in Singapore of your little one is still an experience that we would highly recommend.

Our professional newborn and baby photographers are experts in organizing a photoshoot for the baby in Singapore. We love to capture every moment of your baby’s development. A professional photographer will help you capture some amazing photos of all the awesome moments that your baby grows into after coming into this world.

We suggest going through different sessions starting from the first few days of the baby’s birth to the time when your little bundle of joy cuts his/her first birthday cake. This period of one year is beautiful and you would love to capture every change that your child goes through from being a newborn to a toddler. Let’s discuss the wonderful growing stages of your little one which you can consider for baby photography:

The Newborn Session:

We recommend that you carry out the first session i.e. the newborn session within the first 10 days of your baby being born. This is the time when the baby is least irritable and is happily contented with sufficient milk to drink and plenty of sleep time. During this time, we can get beautiful pictures of the baby curling up in the fetal position like it used to be in its mother’s womb. Our experienced baby photoshoot experts in Singapore how to handle the baby during the shoot so that the baby is comfortable and is ideally positioned for the shoot. So even if you are new parents, you don’t have to feel any stress during the shoot. During the newborn photography session, which usually happens within two weeks of the baby being born, we can get cute pictures of the tiny toes, the curled-up hands, the tiny fingers, the wrinkled back etc. all of these pictures of the newborn baby will come out as adorable memories that you would want to preserve for a lifetime.

baby photographer singapore
baby photographer singapore

The 3-4 Month Session

During this period, you will realize that your baby has started changing more day by day. The facial features might have changed, and the baby might have been able learning and trying out various adorable facial expressions like smiling, winking, frowning, and may be trying to mimick you talking. You definitely don’t want to miss this session because there are so many changes going on in the baby and you want to save all of them in your baby book. During the 3-4 month period, this is a precious period where you would want to capture the little moments of joy and expressions that the baby goes through.

The 6 Month Session

The 6 to 8 month period is the time when the baby is undergoing most of the changes. He/she has now started sitting up, playing with toys, laughing and even crawling. This is the best time to photograph a baby having fun.. An adorable shot of a baby playing with their favorite toy and letting out little bursts of laughter is a treasure to preserve for a lifetime. You may have by now brought a lot of little cute clothes for the baby. We would like you to bring your favorite clothes along so that we can photograph the baby in different clothes that you love for your baby. We will ensure that your baby is the most comfortable in our studio in Singapore so that we may capture your baby’s most natural and relaxed reactions.

The One Year and beyond Session

A one-year-old baby has by now started crawling, standing up holding your hands, got its first tooth and may even be walking around. Don’t you want these memories too for your baby book? Our baby photography experts in Singapore will do a professional photoshoot of the baby in this age group and will give you all the poses and memories that you desire to be frozen in time. You can also invite us to photograph your baby cutting their first birthday cake. It will be a beautiful addition to the photos that we have been taking since the little one was a newborn.

So now you know when and how to photograph your baby to save the memories with you for a lifetime. Our photographers in Singapore are experts in newborn and baby photoshoots and photography sessions. You can get the best desired result by working with us. We love what we do and you will see this in the results that we create for you.

newborn photography singapore


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