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pregnancy photography singapore

Maternity is one of the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. She looks forward to the time where she will be carrying a new life in her belly and waiting for the little bundle of joy to be born. Maternity is the time that most women look forward to after getting married. We, at Malena Production understand the importance of this significant period in the life of a woman and would like her to have memories of it for life. Our maternity photography specialist in Singapore have just the skills and expertise to freeze the moment of your maternity in time and give you the sweetest of memories to cherish for a lifetime. We organize maternity photoshoots for expectant mothers and fathers and help them capture every moment that they want to to save it for a lifetime.

Maternity photography in Singapore is gaining popularity as expectant couples realize the importance of preserving the memory of their first pregnancy and also any after that. Our maternity photography experts in Singapore are as happy and excited as the expectant couple about maternity photoshoot. This combined with their experience and expertise in maternity photography ensures that you have a terrific photoshoot with our photographer.

If you are still considering whether or not to hire a professional maternity photographer, then the answer is yes, you should definitely hire a professional maternity photographer in Singapore to document your beautiful journey into motherhood and fatherhood. Maternity photoshoot helps you to freeze a frame in time where you have a beautiful baby bump and the baby secure inside you, waiting to come out into this beautiful world, into the hands of its loving parents who are whole heartedly waiting for its arrival.

Hiring one of our experts for maternity photoshoot will relieve you of any tension and apprehensions that you will be having regarding maternity photography. Our maternity photographers in Singapore are experts in their fields and have the experience and expertise to carry out the work assigned to them in the most beautiful way. They will completely make you feel at home and will help you go through the photoshoot like a breeze.

Let’s talk about the various locations that are suitable for a maternity photoshoot in Singapore:

  • Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Singapore being such a beautiful city and having many exotic locations for a photoshoot, our photographers explore the full potential of the place and carefully select the best location for an outdoor maternity photoshoot in Singapore. There is no greater place than outdoors for a great photoshoot. Natural environments like parks, beaches, forests etc. have proved to be beautiful outdoor locations for a maternity photoshoot. While being outdoors the expectant mother and father can also select the place that they want to be photographed at. There may be some places that the couple has some old connection with or may have some sentimental value attached to. The couple can opt to be shot at that place and can also later show the pics to their children and explain the significance of the photograph and the location to them. Our maternity photography experts in Singapore are flexible to outdoor photoshoots.

maternity photoshoot singapore
maternity photographer singapore
  • Home Maternity Photoshoot

For some expectant mothers and fathers, there is no place as comfortable as their own home. Their home is the most comfortable place for them as they may have built that home with much love and care. What better place than home for new parents who love their home so much and dream of raising their new born child in that very house.

Another factor that makes home a good place for some expectant mothers for maternity photoshoots is that she may not be comfortable in an outdoor photoshoot environment. For them, home is the best place where they can carry out their maternity photoshoot without any inhibitions and let themselves be at ease.

Maternity photoshoots at home can be really simple and yet very effective. A picture of an expectant mother standing by the crib that she handpicked for her child and waiting for the child to be in is simple and effective.

  • In-studio Maternity Photoshoots

Some photographers and expectant mothers and fathers like to shoot in the comfort of a controlled environment which may not be available outdoors or at home. So they can opt to shoot in a studio that is fully equipped for a maternity photoshoot to be carried out. The photographer has his equipment set-up there and need not pack all his photography equipment in his backpack like in case of a home or outdoors photoshoot. The photographer can have all the props needed for the maternity photoshoot in his own studio and use them according to the theme of the photoshoot.

It is also less stressful for the expectant mother and father as they don’t have to worry about going from place to place or tidying up their home in advance for the photoshoot.

Our maternity photographers at Malena Production can use a mix of all the three locations according to the comfort of the client to create beautiful memories that the would-be mum and dad can cherish for a lifetime.


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maternity photographer singapore