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In different stages of our life, be it as a professional or a member of the different social groups we partake in the society, we are bound to participate in events – of different nature, scale and purpose. Every event is important in its own way, and worth remembering its significance and experience. In Singapore, it is getting more common for event organisers, be it for private functions or corporate functions, to engage event photographers to capture the happenings of the event. Be it to capture the mingling of the guests, the speech by the organiser, the ribbon-cutting for launch of a project or opening of a business or the gracing of the event by a special guest-of-honour, or celebrity.

Our Event photographers in Singapore not only capture the event photos, they also capture the essence of the event, the ambience and the entire atmosphere. An experienced photographer is able to let one feel the emotions of the event participants just via the photos captured, and Malena Production’s photography team can do just that.

Getting the event photography right has become an important aspect in event planning.  Photographs and digital images nowadays are not only a medium of preserving memories, but are also increasingly seen as a mass marketing medium too. When planning a corporate event, you would want to maximise the marketing value from the expenses and effort put into organising the event. Marketing value of an event highly depends on the extend of online and offline ‘buzz’ created before and after the event. Buzz refers to the on-going conversation that revolves around the event personality or content, and can take place on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Top quality event photography in Singapore can help you go a long way to create buzz before and after the event. Event photography is not only about preserving the memories of the event, it is also becoming very vital for memorializing the event that is being covered by professional event photographer.

There are various advantages of event photography and hiring a good event photographer to cover your event in Singapore. We will discuss some of the advantages below:

event photographer in singapore
event photography singapore
  • Creating a Buzz about the Event in the Minds of People

Event photography is an aspect that can help you create a strong buzz in the minds of the people attending it and also in the minds of the people who are not attending it. Event photography can do wonders for your event and also for your organization too. While event photography is essential, something which event organisers should also consider is having (pre)-event photography. Pre-event photography is lesser-known but goes a long way in marketing your event. With our professional event photographer from Malena Production, we can produce pictures that position your event the way you prefer – classy, vintage, boho, fun or casual. You name it, we deliver it. Creating pre-event buzz with pictures like these to entice participants to attend can help leave an impact in the minds of the attendees and they will remember your event as a fun event and will always be interested in attending the next event that you may be planning to organize. The kind of attention that an experienced event photographer can bring to your event is priceless. You can hire professional event photographers from Malena Production, they will help you make the most out of the event and also provide you with high quality pictures that you can use for marketing activities as well. We have photographers who have the sensibility and complete knowledge of event photography in Singapore and give a polished and stylish or a worldly and sophisticated vibe to the event that the guests will take notice of and will look forward to every time you organize an event.  Good event photography makes a serious impact on people. Our event photographer will help you build a good vibe and buzz about the event.

  • Helps Gain Media Attention

Whether it is the first event that you are organizing or have been doing this for a while, you may have realized by now the the potential that good event photography by experienced event photographers can bring for your business. Good event photography can become crucial marketing device for your business and can help you expand and open avenues of marketing and sales. It will ultimately help you in making more conversions and getting more business. A good photograph taken by an experienced event photographer can even gain the attention of publications and media houses. The media houses and publications are always looking out for attractive visuals and good stories – content that will entice more readers and viewership for them. So, attractive photographs of your event on social media may even attract their attention, and you may even get unexpected extended media coverage from your event!

  • Increases Credibility of Business

Polished event photography can help increase the credibility of the business in the eyes of the consumers. In an increasingly visual-centred society, consumers tend to associate high quality photographs with high quality of service and products provided by the business. Hence professionally-taken event photos can do wonders for establishing and increasing the credibility of the organization. Good photographs are helpful in establishing great reputation and good track records within and outside the industry.


To achieve the above mention advantages from event photography in Singapore, it is important to ensure you are hiring a professional event photographer of good reputation or from a reputed event photography studio like us. Our professional event photographers not only know how to take great event photos but also have the skills to make your event invitees and guests feel at home at the event. Hire us for the next event that you are planning and be assured that we will execute an effective event photography service for you.

event photography in singapore
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