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commercial photography in singapore

Commercial photography mainly comprises of the photos taken by photographers for commercial purposes – to boost sales of a specific product or services. Businesses always need commercial photography for scores of reason, be it capturing their annual events or be it making a portfolio of a new product that they are launching. Commercial photography is a diversified field with multiple categories and specializations as its part. Malena Production understands each of the categories and specializations and has the best photographers in Singapore for commercial photography.

Commercial photography is mainly intended to promote a particular product or service or the business as a whole. It comprises of taking high quality photographs of products, services, businesses, business premises, and even the individuals associated with the brand or the company for use in advertising in various print and digital mediums. Print medium involves publishing an advertisement in newspapers, magazines, weeklies, fortnightlies, etc. and digital medium involves publishing on the internet in digital form. The commercial photographs in Singapore can also be used for the own publications of the company like annual reports etc. This kind of advertising helps the company to reach out to its existing and prospective clients and even shareholders for maintaining and establishing good relations with them.

The images that you see on the billboards while driving around in Singapore is also a part of commercial photography. Commercial photography helps to build and enhance brand awareness and consciousness and also helps to drive more business to the particular brand. It aims at promoting the products and services that a company has on offer for the public. Commercial photographers at Malena Production in Singapore have the experience and expertise to capture the essence of the product and services in pictures and help them reach out to the customers. This will help in driving in more business.

The importance of commercial photography for business is the fact that good photographs help in providing a clear visual representation of the products and services that are being offered by a company. The effect of visual impact on the human brain has long been scientifically proven. There is no argument to the fact that humans are more prone to look at a photograph, rather than read a lengthy paragraph about a product or service. Moreover, in this age of busy schedules ad timelines, people don’t have the time to actually stop and read a lengthy description, hence commercial photography fills this void and is effective and makes a quick impact on the viewers.

The visual representation of your business must be of high quality. The highly experience commercial photographers at Malena Production can help you create these images. Our team studies your brand, products and services and the values and unique selling prepositions of your products and services. We have a detailed discussion with your company’s representatives about the image of your products and services you want to project out to your customers – basically your brand persona. Good commercial photography in Singapore are able to convey your brand persona to customers subconsciously through images.

You can opt from various types of commercial photography is Singapore depending upon the product or service that you want to promote. Our various specializations in commercial photography in Singapore are:

  • Advertising photography

Advertising photography, as the name suggest, is used for promoting a product or service in the form of advertising in print medium like newspapers, leaflets, magazines, brochure etc. and digital medium like posting on various advertisement websites on the internet.  You can also use the commercial photographs intended for advertising for posting in your own or other websites, advertisements in televisions, for product and services promotion, using them on billboards to display at a busy junction to get people’s attention etc.

corporate photography in singapore
commercial photographer in singapore
  • Product/Service Photography

The product or service is the most important thing for a company that is product/service based. Product/services photography helps to promote awareness amongst the prospective customers about the company. This is an age old yet a very effective technique used by big and small companies to increase the popularity of their products/services. Through commercial product photography in Singapore, we help you to showcase your product’s unique features and to promote its sales.

  • Food Photography

We have experienced commercial photographers in Singapore who are passionate about food photography. Food photography is an integral part of commercial photography and has always been popular in the food industry. Our commercial photographers can take excellent pictures of the food that you want to promote and help you drive customers to your restaurant.

  • Automobile Photography

Car companies and car dealerships have been benefitting from commercial photography for ages. There has always been something about that sexy image of the latest car that running through in our mind and we ultimately walk into the dealership to have a look at the car, test-drive it and maybe drive it home.  Our commercial photographers experienced in automotive photography have excellent skills to highlight the features on the car that can act as selling factors for your car business.

  • Interior Photography

Interior photography, as the name suggest, is capturing the photographs of the interior of the house for use in interior design magazines and other publications. It can also be used to promote your interior design business to your prospective clients. Our commercial photographers experienced in interior photography have the skills to capture the complete beauty of the interior space in every picture they capture.

  • Jewelry Photography

If you are a jeweler in Singapore and are looking for a commercial photographer for cataloging the exotic designs of jewelry that are the pride of your store, then you can hire the best from Malena Production. We have the experience and expertise to highlight the exotic features of every piece of jewelry that you would like to showcase in your commercial photographs.

Contact us for commercial photography in Singapore. We have the best commercial photographers who are experts in bringing out the essence of your business. We will help your business prosper through commercial photography and increasing the brand awareness of your business. Call us and we can have a chat over the details of your commercial photography requirement in Singapore.


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commercial photography in singapore