Malena Production has one of the best teams of professional photographers in Singapore, who are not only skilful, but also equally passionate in their craft. Be it capturing corporate or family functions, our photographer would be happy to cover your event and deliver pictures of exceptional quality.

You may feel that capturing events has now become an easy task with at least 1 close friend out of your many social circles sporting an expensive camera in their collection and everybody carrying a smartphone with the latest technology in camera functions. You may even think about assigning the photography coverage of an event to one of your family members. But in reality, what people are forgetting these days is that photography is still an art, and everybody with an expensive camera in hand cannot become that artist. It’s about the perspective that a professional photographer sees when he looks through that lens. It’s that vision and expertise that is needed in a photographer to capture an event beautifully.

Choosing a photographer to cover your event in Singapore is an important decision, you need to make sure that you have made a right decision and assigned the task of capturing and preserving the memories of the day to the right professional. Malena Production undertakes away this stress for you. When you assign an event to us, we make sure that nothing goes wrong. We work with you to meet your requirements.

When you decide to entrust the job of covering an event in the hands of a professional photographer in Singapore, finding a reliable one who offers reasonable rates might be a difficult task. Malena Production has tailor-made packages and services for you with complete transparency in rates. With us, you can be assured that you are getting the worth of every penny that you spend for professional photography.

What makes us special and different from other photographers in Singapore is the way of our working. Prior to your event, we will have a personal consultation session where you can go through your event details with us, and specify any important segments to focus on. Thereafter, with a single point of contact, your coordinator will ensure your event photographer captures what you need, and more, delivering to you photos that will have you smiling as you reminisce the event that has passed. We know the importance of engaging the right professional photographers at the right places to capture every moment in that perfect frame. We strive to bring out our best and also give you the results that you expect from us.

The professional team of photographers that we engage for capturing your event are well-experienced in a variety of genres of photography. Our goal at any event is to not miss any moment and capture all of them with missing even the slightest details. Our photographers in our team are skilful enough to be within your event crowd to capture those candid mingling moments while remaining completely ‘invisible’ to avoid being intrusive.

We create digital and print memories for the events that we cover. We create memories that will feel wonderful to look back to. You can put your trust in us to capture the wonderful moments that you spend with your loved ones and the ones that you and your guests have enjoyed.


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