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Capturing the Unforgettable with Creativity & Style

Malena Production first started out as a Bridal Haute Couture, specializing in bridal styling, wedding gowns rental, wedding photography and videography, uniquely fusing our fashion-forward trends with bridal services.  After receiving many positive feedback from our customers, Malena decided to extend our well-loved photography and videography services through Malena Production to a wider audience.

With our new extension of photography services and videography services in Singapore, Malena Production is committed to preserving your most precious memories of your special day, with your loved ones.

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baby photography

One of the greatest happiness in your life after your wedding day would be the birth of your baby.  As parents, you would wish for time to pass slowly, as you enjoy the special bonding moment when you  rock them to sleep, tickle their tiny feet, and watch them break into their toothless cheeky grin… but in a blink of an eye, they will be toddlers, entering school and going through adolescence. Taking newborn photography and baby photography is thus a popular choice for parents to keep these fond precious memories of their children.

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maternity photography

Malena Production celebrates every step of your love journey, and celebrating motherhood is one key milestone too. At Malena Productions, we will capture the natural radiant glow that emits from an expecting mother, her feminine curves and her gorgeous baby bump. Chronicle your journey to motherhood with us and let us present to you pictures that express your love for your much-awaited baby.

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maternity photographer singapore

personal portrait

In this current era, where almost everyone would have taken a ‘selfie’, one may question the need for a professionally-taken personal portrait. The difference lies in the use of lighting, angle, composition and capturing the personal X factor of each individual. Beyond getting the most flattering angle, Malena Production’s personal portrait services allows you to make a personal statement. Be it a display of your confidence, your occupational skills or your fashion style, you get to express your unique personality through our photography services.

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Top Photographers in Singapore

Other Photography Services

Malena Production offers a wide range of photography services in Singapore while specializing in wedding photography. Apart from baby photography, maternity photography, and personal portrait photography. Malena Production also does family photography, commercial photography, and events photography in Singapore.

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Top Photographers in Singapore

Other videography Services

If “A picture say a thousands words” then a video would be the tool to tell the entire story.

Consistent with our unique style of photography service, Malena Production offers top quality videography services for weddings, corporate and commercial events.

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Importance of A Professional Photographer & Videographer in Singapore

If you are planning to organize an event in Singapore and hire professional photographers and videographers to cover the event, then you are at the right place. We at Malena Production provide you with the best industry photographers and videographers in Singapore. Our photographers and videographers are the best in Singapore when it comes to professionalism and creativity. They capture the soul and vibe of your event for you – be it to share with your event attendees or for post-event marketing purposes.

Event Planning and Photography

When planning to organize an event in Singapore there are multiple challenges that one faces and need to be resolved for a successful event to be organized. The various challenges include the selection of venue, seating plan, food and beverage arrangement, venue sound and lighting, hiring staff to take care of the logistics and the guests, etc. This list can go on till everything is organized perfectly. What most people overlook while organizing an event in Singapore is the role that a professional photographer and a videographer can play in making the event a memorable one.

The event organizers in Singapore should not consider event photography and videography as an additional expense but should consider this as an essential investment that will affect the attendees’ impression and experience of the event. Like how people are likely to remember the catering served at the event, pictures and videos of the event will serve as a memory of the event they attended.

Professional photographers and videographers in Singapore definitely value-add to the event that they cover. They not only can capture the vibe of the event, the interactions between the guests and their pictures can be be news-worthy enough for media publications to pick up for additional media coverage of your business/ brand or event!

Let us discuss in detail about the importance of hiring a professional photographer and videographer in Singapore for covering the events, be it a corporate one of a family event.

Covering A Family Event

While we speak of a family event or gathering where all the participants are probably family members that could rarely gather together, it is natural that we would want to cherish the memory of that particular gathering or family event. A professional photographer and videographer can add sentimental value to the event by capturing the best moments and preserving them in the form of digital or print medium to reminisce later. Photographs and videos are meant to capture the beautiful moments of life in a tangible form. These memories that we create and capture with the help of a professional photographer and videographer in Singapore should be considered and treasured for a lifetime. It’s like taking a snippet out of one’s life and then preserving it forever. The best way to capture such events with all its gist and vibe intact is to hire a professional photographer and videographer in Singapore.

Covering A Corporate Event

And then comes the corporate events, for which a professional photographer and videographer becomes even more important. A corporate event is a platform to showcase your company to the world and this part should be considered of utmost importance and it would certainly act as a boost for any company organizing a corporate event. Photographs and videos taken during a corporate event act as a tool to increase the value and corporate image of a company and is an important source of communication between the company and the outside world. The photographs and videos taken during a corporate can be used for various purposes. Those photographs can be used for any kind of publications, annual or any special releases, for displaying on the company’s websites, for promoting one’s business on social media and other media, and photographs can be used for making personalized merchandise and other goodies that can be simply given away as souvenirs. A professional photographer and videographer in Singapore can make all these possible with their quality photographs and videos.

If you still consider investing in professional photography and videography for your event as an unnecessary expense, then you might want to compare the work of non-professional or amateur photographers and videographers and that of professional photographers and videographers. You will experience the difference yourself when you compare the difference in both the works. The importance of professional photo and video documentation of any event cannot be further emphasized as it affects the reputation and credibility of your brand and business.

So the services of a professional photographer and videographer in Singapore are of paramount importance while planning an event, a corporate even or a family event. At Malena Production, we go beyond just taking pictures and video of your event – we bring out the spirit and preserve the entire experience of the event for your keepsake.